Parasite SEO

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Parasite SEO is a technique where someone creates content on high-authority platforms like Medium, Quora, or other highly authoritative websites (NYT, Forbes, Business Insider) to rank for specific keywords.

The primary goal is to drive revenue through affiliate content or traffic to their own websites.

This tactic is broadly considered unethical because it takes advantage of the host platform’s high domain authority.

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Example of parasite SEO in action – a Forbes’ article about nappies ranking number 1 for term “best nappies” (screenshot for, location US, May 2024 using U Search From):

Same is true for “best dipers”.

Here’s another example, NYT ranking #1 for the term “best mattress for back pain” (screenshot from May 8, 2024):

It’s very questionable that Forbes is really a specialist in baby diapers

SEO community started complaining about parasite SEO, because big publications (especially newspapers) started arguably abusing their high domain authority and EEAT signals to create pages targeting high-ticket affiliate keywords.

Parasite SEO for YMYL keywords using LinkedIn Pulse:

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Parasite SEO for adult (escort) keywords using Miami Herald:

USA Today going after gambling keywords:

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