PDCA Cycle (Plan-Do-Check-Act)

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PDCA, also known as the Deming Cycle or Deming Wheel, is a continuous improvement model used in business process management.

Named after W. Edwards Deming, the cycle is a four-step approach designed to enhance processes and products through iterative testing and refinement.

The methodology encourages a systematic process for problem-solving and quality improvement, emphasizing the need for ongoing optimization in organizational practices.

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Identify a goal or problem and develop a hypothesis about what changes could improve the situation. In this step, you gather data, analyze the current process, and plan for changes.


Implement the plan on a small scale to test its effectiveness. This is the action phase where the planned changes are executed. It’s important to document everything during this phase so that the process can be analyzed later.


Monitor and evaluate the outcomes of the Do phase to see if the expected changes are happening. This involves comparing the collected data before and after the implementation to assess whether the change made an improvement.


Based on the results from the Check phase, decide on the next actions. If the plan was successful, the new process can be standardized and implemented on a larger scale.

If the plan does not achieve the desired results, insights gained from the cycle are used to plan a new PDCA cycle. This phase is crucial for integrating the learned improvements into the organization’s standard practices and for identifying areas for further improvement.

Ongoing Improvement

The essence of the PDCA cycle is its iterative nature, which fosters continuous and incremental improvements. After completing one cycle, the process begins again to refine the existing process or address other areas of improvement. This ongoing cycle of improvement encourages organizations to constantly seek ways to improve their processes, products, or services. The repetitive application of these steps leads to higher quality, greater efficiency, and increased effectiveness over time.