Service Area Business (SAB)

Categories: S, SEO Glossary

A Service Area Business (SAB) refers to a type of enterprise that operates by visiting clients at their locations rather than hosting customers at a physical retail space. While SABs may have an office or central hub, their primary mode of engagement involves traveling to provide goods or services directly to customers. This business model is prevalent among various industries, including but not limited to delivery services, home repair and maintenance providers like plumbers and electricians, as well as landscaping and cleaning companies.

For SABs, it is crucial to define their service area accurately as part of their online presence. This involves indicating the geographic region in which they are willing to travel to serve customers. Properly specifying this information is a vital component of local search engine optimization (SEO), as it helps businesses appear in search results for potential customers within their service region. Effectively managing this aspect of SEO can significantly impact the visibility and reach of a Service Area Business within its targeted locale.