Meta Tags

Categories: M, SEO Glossary

Meta Tags are a series of statements located within the HEAD section of an HTML document, providing essential information about the webpage. Although these tags are not displayed on the page’s content area, they play a crucial role in how search engines and users perceive and understand the webpage.

Meta Tags encompass various elements, including the Meta Description Tag, which offers a concise summary of the page’s content, and the Meta Keywords Tag, which lists relevant keywords associated with the page’s subject matter. Additionally, the Page Title Tag is often considered part of the Meta Tags group, as it sets the title of the page that appears in browser tabs and search engine results.

For search engines, Meta Tags are instrumental in discerning the topic and relevance of a page, and they frequently form the basis for the snippets shown in search engine results pages (SERPs). For users, these snippets provide the initial impression of the webpage, making it imperative to craft unique and accurate Meta Titles and Descriptions to improve click-through rates and ensure a page accurately reflects its content.