Manual Action

Categories: M, SEO Glossary

Manual Action refers to a punitive measure taken by a search engine when a website is found to violate the search engine’s webmaster guidelines. This action is not the result of an algorithmic filter but is instead imposed by a human reviewer within the search engine’s team. When a site is subjected to a Manual Action, it may experience a significant drop in search rankings or be completely removed from search results, depending on the severity of the non-compliance.

Manual Actions can be applied to an entire website or target specific pages or sections that are not adhering to the established guidelines. The consequences of such actions are serious and can drastically affect a website’s visibility and traffic. Website administrators are typically notified of Manual Actions through the search engine’s webmaster tools, where details and steps for resolution are provided. It is crucial for websites to adhere to best practices in SEO to avoid such penalties and maintain their search engine standing.