Informational Query

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An informational query is a type of search query where the user seeks information on a topic, fact, or research data without the immediate intention of making a purchase or performing a specific transaction. These queries are driven by a user’s desire for knowledge on a particular subject. Unlike transactional or navigational queries, which aim for a specific website or seek to complete an action or purchase, informational queries are about understanding, learning, or exploring.

Characteristics of Informational Queries:

  • Broad or Specific: Informational queries can be broad, like “history of the internet,” or specific, like “who invented the internet and when?”
  • Question Form: Many informational queries are phrased as questions. Users might ask who, what, where, when, why, or how questions seeking detailed answers.
  • Research Intent: Users often have a research intent, looking to gather information, learn something new, or understand a topic deeply.
  • No Direct Commercial Intent: These queries typically do not indicate an intention to buy or engage in a transaction immediately.

Examples of Informational Queries:

  • What are the health benefits of green tea?
  • How to tie a bow tie?
  • Causes of the French Revolution.
  • Best practices for remote work.