141.68% Increase in Traffic with US Market Expansion | SaaS E-commerce Website

Does an expansion to the US mean going global? 141% increase in overall traffic of an e-commerce SaaS company indicates it might be so!

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The client, a growing brand in the e-commerce SaaS industry, contacted us with two goals in mind: to improve the site’s overall optimization and to expand its reach in the highly competitive market of the USA.

 Through a goal-oriented SEO strategy, we managed to achieve significant success over the course of a year. 

Our efforts didn’t end at SEO either, we also focused on enhancing the website’s user experience and sales funnel, implementing on-site changes and off-site initiatives tailored to target the US market.

The results? Read on and see!


increase in global organic traffic


growth in keyword rankings


mew high-quality backlinks built


high-quality pages written and optimized

#1: Technical SEO Stability

Conducting a complete technical SEO audit and implementing essential changes maintained the site's technical health.

#2: Content Strategy Implementation

Regular monthly content releases were carried out, making the site highly relevant and authoritative in the niche.

#3: Strengthening Domain Authority

A market-specific link building plan was executed to increase the website’s domain rating in the US.

#4: Ongoing SEO Optimization

We committed to adapting tactics to the evolving search landscape by periodically reviewing and updating the SEO strategy.

#1: Navigating a Competitive US Market

Breaching into the saturated US market amidst several recognized players was a critical challenge.

#2: Technical SEO Hurdles

Some technical SEO issues had to be addressed, for instance, optimizing site speed and fixing internal redirections.

#3: Content Localization

Tailoring the content strategy to resonate with the US audience was a challenge that required a proper linguistic and marketing approach.

#4: SEO Strategy Against Strong Competitors

Continuous evolution of the SEO strategy was required to compete against strong competitors that kept pushing their brands to the top.

Expertise and Services Delivered
#1: SEO Audit and Implementation

We conducted a comprehensive audit to determine the website's state and devised a unique strategy targeting the new market.

#2: Gap Analysis and Content Optimization

We identified a significant content gap between our client's existing blog and their competitors and implemented it in the content plan.

#3: Niche-specific Link Building Strategy

We improved domain authority by implementing a niche-specific link-building strategy, securing 136 new high-quality backlinks, and boosting site credibility and search rankings.

#4: Updated SEO Strategy Development

We created an updated SEO strategy after a 6-month reaudit to maintain the speed of the website's growth.

Executing the Strategy: Detailed Actions

Our mission was to improve the organic visibility of the client’s website in the highly competitive US market.

Breaking down the process into seamless phases, we first identified the unique challenges and set bespoke objectives to address these accurately.

 This allowed us to deliver a strategy that not only achieved, but surpassed the desired outcomes. 

The Client

Our client operates in the ecommerce SaaS sector, offering software used to support the business and marketing efforts of other e-commerce companies, but also including offline marketing channel and product tracking – a feature that makes them stand out from the crowd.

 The client’s main objective was to extend its reach into the US market  and bridge the noticeable gap when compared to its industry competitors.

Despite the European success, expanding to the US market presented a unique set of challenges.

The results of cooperation are most visible in changing the demographic structure of visitors to our website. Foreign visitors, who at first made up a small portion of the traffic, now account for a significant portion of it and are steadily increasing. Additionally, we have noticed a sharp rise in leads pouring in from abroad.Website owner

Phase 1: SEO Audit and Diagnosis

As usual, the cooperation with this client started with SEO discovery.

SEO Discovery is the very first stage of the campaign. Or should I say multi-stage. This is the time when we create the strategy for upcoming months based on all the audits and research we made (keyword research, link profile analysis, technical SEO audit, competitor research and more).

This stage is crucial for the campaign, as we are not one of these more links and content, bro! – instead, we make decisions and set priorities based on the data we gather, so we don't have a problem saying hey, you need to completely rebuild your website if you want to succeed.

So SEO Discovery is not only about discovering, but also figuring out the solutions, preparation, and planning based on rock-solid research.

Krzysztof Kilewski
Head of SEO.

Now, despite numerous minor issues identified in the process, the website didn’t show any symptoms of serious technical problems.

However, this allowed us to pinpoint any potential weak spots and concentrate our resources on solving them.

After all, we were opening to a new market – and there’s no point in planning any big moves without sorting out the basics first.

First Implementation Stage

Having audited the page and discussed the proposed actions, we moved on to the first round of implementation.

Over the next period, we systematically eliminated the technical obstacles which we found during the audit.

We didn’t just focus on SEO matters. We found out a few ways to improve the client’s website from the customer’s perspective – and so we did.

Minor changes in layout or the order of elements might sound insignificant, but very often they make or break the deal. As we explained in our article on the psychology of conversion in SEO, providing your customers with the best experience possible is key!

Here’s the breakdown of the actions we took in the first phase:

Phase 2: Strategy Development and Continuous Optimization

With the fundamental issues resolved, the next step was developing a robust strategy to help the client stand out in a highly competitive market of the US.

Aware of the challenges at hand, we decided to focus on strong SEO, solid content creation, quality link building, and continuous optimization.

Content Creation and Optimization

The client’s website already had some good content, but it wasn’t enough to guarantee a good spot in the search results.

This meant two things for us: we needed to optimize the existing content to the max (while keeping the helpful content requirements in mind, of course!) and create new content targeting both highly competitive and niche queries that hadn’t been covered by the competition.

Creating helpful content can be tricky, especially if you also want to optimize it as much as possible. While Google consistently improves its search algorithm to be more accurate, the system is far from perfect.

That's why sending E-E-A-T signals and hoping for the best can result in stagnation.

Finding content gaps and bridging them is often essential to move the needle. It sends a clear signal that your website is constantly growing and improving in a natural way, which is what Google loves to see.

Przemyslaw Puternicki
Content Specialist

The results? We couldn’t imagine better: the website went from 138 at the beginning of the project to 1,844 – a growth of a whopping 1336.23% in 6 months!

Ahrefs graph showing the increase in organic keywords throughout the duration of the project

Compared to the previous period, the site gained over 10x keywords! More importantly, the site finally broke into the top, with over 20 keywords ranking 1-3.

Quality Link Building

Along with the highly optimized content, we also implemented a focused link-building strategy.

We devoted our resources to securing solid backlinks from industry-relevant websites.

Our focused link-building approach, complemented by highly optimized content, resulted in a significant increase in backlinks over six months, ultimately enhancing the website's authority and driving meaningful traffic growth.

The careful mix of improving content and building relevant links truly paid off here. The impressive boost in backlinks shows how effective this strategy was in making the website more authoritative and attracting more visitors.

Valentina Cetkovic
Outreach Manager.

By the end of six months, the website was backed by an arsenal of 136 new backlinks that significantly boosted its domain authority.

The backlink profile was both diverse and relevant, creating improved credibility and better search rankings for the website – and with that, a much-needed traffic increase!

Ahrefs graph showing the relationship between links and organic traffic

Here you can see how the backlinks we built affected the website traffic.

Continuous Optimization

Optimization is an ongoing process in the world of SEO – mainly because the goalposts continually move!

The introduction of new ranking factors, algorithm updates, opportunities presented by the latest SERP changes, and constantly changing trends means a strategy needs to be flexible for adaptability.

This is why retrospection and adjustment became an essential part of the project after six months.

Based on the insights and lessons learned, we updated the SEO strategy to keep up with the evolving landscape and maintain the speedy growth of the website.

The PDCA Cycle: How We Keep Improving Our Results

We progressed through this project with one crucial aspect in mind: the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) framework. We are strong advocates of this method, as it encourages a cycle of constant improvement.

  1. In the Plan stage, we mapped out the entire process in detail, setting clear and achievable goals.
  2. The Do stage saw us springing into action. We cooperated with the client on tasks devised from the audit.
  3. Once completed, the Check phase took center stage. We monitored everything we covered in the project – and more!
  4. Lastly, in the Act stage, we made necessary adjustments based on our observations and data analysis. We reviewed our strategy and checked what worked well and what needed improvements. This approach let us keep improving and deliver you the best results, not just the required minimum.

The Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle is the core of SEO and the way NoN Agency operates. It enables continuous improvement, something highly important especially in the age of AI and increasingly rigorous search engines. Through planning, executing, evaluating, and adjusting strategies based on results, SEO efforts can be refined, ensuring optimal performance.


Raf Chomsky
CEO of NoN Agency and Sustainable Growth Advocate

Here’s the summary of all the actions we took in the second phase of this project:


The year we worked with this client was nothing short of astounding growth.

Let the numbers speak for themselves:

📈 Results after twelve months

  •  A 141.68% increase in global organic traffic,  proving a successful entrance and survival in the competitive US market. This also means traffic from other English-speaking countries like the United Kingdom, Australia, and even the United Arab Emirates.
  • An outstanding 1336.23% surge in keyword ranking, meaning our comprehensive SEO tactics, such as link building and content creation, had substantial paying-off.
  • Accumulated 136 new high-quality backlinks from relevant sites, adding credibility and authority to the client’s website in a tough field.
  • A remarkable decrease in the bounce rate by 43.68%, indicating that visitors were finding value and engaging more with the site.
  • Increased number of leads from the new market meant the SEO optimizations were not just bringing in more traffic, but the right kind of traffic – one that is potentially interested in the client’s offerings.

Google Search Console graph showing the increase of total clicks and impressions over the course of the project

Google Search Console confirm the results reported in Ahrefs above. Note, this graph here shows only the traffic from Google Search itself – there’s also Bing and other search engines!

Google Analytics table showing more metrics, including users, sessions, bounce rate, pages, and average session duration

More great results.

These considerable improvements, backed by data, solidify the great success of our campaign strategy. We have monitored their steady progress and are proud of the incredible results.


Case study created by:

A portrait of Raf Chomsky, co-founder of NoN Agency and CEO of Husky Hamster

Raf Chomsky

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Co-Founder

A portrait of Konrad Jasiński, Content Coordinator and Social Media Specialist at NoN Agency

Konrad Jasinski

Content Coordinator & Social Media Specialist

The breathtaking numbers make a strong case, but the true accomplishment in this campaign was introducing the client to the US market and establishing their position there.

This market was by no means new to us – quite the opposite – but it was a significant one for the client and a major milestone in their growth journey.

It’s not just the growth in visibility, rankings, or traffic. We were delighted to observe the boost in engagement metrics – proving that potential customers found value in our client’s offerings and that we had indeed delivered per our client’s objectives.

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