Over 400% Growth Month-to-Month with Dedicated Outreach | Link Building for SaaS

Your product is just a small part of your success – especially in the AI app market. With just our relationship link building package, our client managed to achieve impressive growth in just a three months!

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Our client developed a solid alternative to Microsoft Copilot. They included different AI models, added extra features (the translation tab is extra handy!), and entered the market.

However, the app user base didn’t grow as fast as the client expected, despite good reviews in the stores where they shared their app. After all, the product is just a part of your success – and the AI app market requires a more focused approach.

This is why the client turned to us. They wanted to grow their online presence without spending a fortune on paid advertising. And the results (so far) are beyond impressive!


Increase in website visits from March to April (from around 500 to over 4,500 clicks a day), indicating the quick growth of the client’s visibility.


Increase in impressions from March to April (from about 25,000 to over 170,000), further proving the effectiveness of our strategy.


Keywords ranking positions 1-3 in Google, followed by over 2,000 keywords landing on positions 4-10, and over 44,000 keywords in total.


Average position of the client’s website in Google search results. An extraordinary result in just a few months!

#1: Build site’s Authority

We developed the client's authority to match their competitors in the AI app market.

#2: Grow Visibility and traffic

Achieve and maintain high search engine rankings and increase website traffic with link building.

#3: Optimize Site Architecture

We suggested a new site structure and “rankable” content plan to make it more search engine friendly.

#4: Implement Competitor Progress Tracking

We researched the client's competitors and implemented ways of tracking them to adapt and improve the client's strategy constantly.

#1: No Established Brand

The site was recently launched (new domain) and had not yet established its digital footprint.

#2: Highly Competitive Market

The client operates in a highly competitive niche saturated with countless AI tools.

#3: Authority Gap

There was an enormous authority gap between our client and their established competitors.

#4: Short Timeframe

We had a short timeline to deliver measurable results with limited resources.

Expertise and Services Delivered
Relationship Link Building (Digital PR)

We developed a link building strategy based on the data analyzed during the initial audit. It revolved around building authority through building relevant links from highly rated domains.

Competitor Analysis

A good part of the strategy was created around competitor link and content analysis. This let us know how we should design our strategy and what goals we should set.

Market Analysis

The goals of this project were adjusted with the entire market in mind – not just direct competition. We included other metrics, such as potential and expected click-through rates (CTRs).

Internal Architecture Development

On top of that, we offered our help in redeveloping other segments of the client's website, including website structure suggestions and content optimization.

Executing the Strategy: Detailed Actions

It goes without saying that the current AI market is saturated with numerous companies, each seeking to outdo the others. There are multiple reasons for that, with the most prominent being easy access to technology and a growing understanding of artificial intelligence among businesses.

In order to stand out in this crowd, we needed to act fast and focus on generating results.

 We knew we had a winning strategy when the website traffic began to increase exponentially. 

The Client

The AI app market is full of ambitious startups seeking to revolutionize different industries. Very often, those apps promise immensely spectacular results – and you only know whether they deliver after you pay the price for using them.

This is why developing a brand in this niche is especially difficult.

At first glance, our client’s app doesn’t stand out that much. It has some unique features, but for an uninformed observer, it may seem like yet another platform trying to carve out its space in the AI industry. 

So, this was our very first challenge: How can we get people to even notice us? 

Project Timeline: Two-Phased Approach for Immediate Results

This time, the client didn’t plan to work with us on a complete SEO campaign.

Instead, they asked us to support their in-house team in developing their outreach plan and providing ongoing consultations about SEO best practices.

It gave us more room to focus on what really mattered in this situation: generating website traffic and building authority, fast.

Phase I: SEO Consulting, Competitor and Market Analysis

We began our journey with this client on the consulting front. This involved helping the in-house team understand where their website stood from a SEO point of view, and providing suggestions for improvement.

Our initial research focused on the website’s pain points: weak on-page optimization, lack of high-quality backlinks, and low keyword rankings. 

We then provided the team with structured, actionable advice that they could use to improve the website’s SEO. This included technical suggestions, such as optimal internal linking structure, metadata enhancement, and keyword research.

The next step was to research the competition. We looked at competitors’ link profiles, other SEO-related metrics, and their market position and overall marketing strategy. We noticed that many of the client’s competitors put recent trends over long-term gains.

This approach worked, but the client was set on developing a strong brand in the long term. So, our recommendations also included more evergreen content and an emphasis on building relationships, not just links.

Studying the client’s direct competitors did not give us the full picture of the market. With our experience in growing brands in highly competitive niches, we knew that we needed to take a broader look at the industry as a whole.

This let us set realistic expectations when it came to the results of our link building, as well as the overall marketing strategy.

Phase II: Relationship Link Building

This is where the idea of relationship link building came into play. We understood that the client’s website needed to be associated with high-authority domains to gain credibility and improve search visibility.

We chose to reach out to SaaS websites that were already talking about GPT, AI, and chatbots:

These websites really liked the content ideas I shared with them. Even if they didn't want new articles, many agreed to add the client's link to articles they already had. I made sure to choose only the very relevant websites with high quality, with a Domain Rating (DR) over 50 and good traffic.

Andreea Saveluc
Outreach Team Leader

This approach worked very well. We started seeing amazing results quickly, with traffic jumping from 4,000 to 185,000 visitors. All this with just a few improvements on the website and some targeted outreach. 

Google Analytics graph showing the increase of total traffic over the course of the project

Google Analytics confirm the results reported in Ahrefs above.

Link Requirement Plan – Our Retrospective Tool

We progressed through this project following our Link Requirement Plan, a simple document outlining the key requirements for our link building strategy that lets us focus on delivering results and track progress. Let’s take a look at an example LRP.

We start with an outline of the competitors’ link profiles. This includes the main metrics, such as DR (Domain Rating), RD (Referring Domains), backlinks, keywords, and estimated traffic volume.

Thanks to this, we can evaluate the position of the client in their niche – and see what still needs to be done.

Link Requirement Plan table with competitor analysis

Part 1 of LRP: competitor analysis.

Using the data we gather throughout the duration of the project (and historical data), we can forecast the changes to the client’s competitors. We don’t just plan to catch up to their current position, we plan ahead to overtake them!

Link Requirement Plan table with competitor forecast

Part 2 of LRP: competitor forecast.

We also forecast the changes in the key metrics of the client’s website. This serves as a roadmap – we need to at least reach the predicted results.

On top of that, it is an important retrospective tool. There, we can check what we achieved, what it took to achieve that, and whether the forecast we made was correct.

Link Requirement Plan table with client forecast

Part 3 of LRP: client’s website analysis. Note that our LRPs are usually much more expanded. The example above was prepared for educational purposes.

We often compare results from multiple clients (especially within similar niche) to assess the accuracy of our data – and this leaves us with a continuous improvement cycle that benefits all our projects and acts as a well-oiled feedback mechanism for future strategies.

Needless to say, this is an embodiment of the PDCA method. Although the tables above may seem rather minimalistic, they are everything we need to plan, execute, measure, and correct our strategies. They offer a clear, concise snapshot of our predictions versus actual outcomes, empowering us to be proactive and make timely adjustments to our strategies.

Numbers: The Measurable Impact

Amazing is the only word to describe the transformation our client experienced following our efforts. When we say it was a “measurable impact,” we mean it.

📈 Results after the implementation of our strategy:

  • A 454% month-on-month surge in overall site visibility, with daily traffic booming from around 500 to over 4,500 visits.
  • Between March and April alone, there was a 516% increase in impressions, jumping from about 25,000 to over 170,000.
  • Successful keyword optimization led to an astounding 854 keywords ranking positions 1-3 in Google, accompanied by over 2,000 keywords landing on positions 4-10.
  • The client’s website now boasts a 9.1 average position in Google search results after just a few months.

Semrush graph showing the increase of traffic and keywords over the course of the project

Google Analytics confirm the results reported in Ahrefs above.


Case study created by:

A portrait of Konrad Jasiński, Content Coordinator and Social Media Specialist at NoN Agency

Konrad Jasinski

Content Coordinator & Social Media Specialist

We had to work with a fresh site in a highly competitive market, manage an authority gap, and deliver within a short timeframe.

To achieve this, we decided to work on what we know the best: high-quality link building focused on developing meaningful relationships.

Thanks to our knowledge of the AI industry, we strategized and executed an actionable plan that resulted in impressive growth.

Contact us if you are also looking to increase your search visibility, rank better in the SERPs, or need digital PR that is guaranteed to build your brand authority. With tried and tested strategies, we are all set to make your digital marketing goals a reality!

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