Krzysztof Kilewski

Krzysztof Kilewski, head of SEO at NoN Agency, combines technical expertise with strong leadership. His meticulous attention to detail, self-organization, and motivating leadership make him a standout professional, promising continued success in his own entrepreneurial ventures and workplace enhancements for others.
Programmatic SEO Dev
A portrait of Krzysztof Kilewski, Head of SEO at NoN Agency

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Do you really need to focus on the missing ALT attribute of that one image right now, because the crawler said so? Come on! Let’s see what really hurts your website, fix it and kick off the strategy that will take your site to the moon.

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Programmatic Keep It Up

Why manually slog through endless data sheets and tweak each keyword when you can have a smooth ride on the wave of automation? Let’s automate your way to the top, ensuring your site doesn’t just keep up, but stays ahead.

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Forget one-size-fits-all; your website deserves the spotlight. With a programmatic approach, we create a unique & engaging digital experience that sets you apart. A website that leads, not follows?

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